February 2018

Filling Station: Classic American Diner with a Modern style

Looking for a diner that would give you a retro vibe and feel? Or maybe you are a Riverdale fanatic and you want to know what it’s like to dine at Pop’s. Well, I love everything old and classic but I’m also a Jughead fan so I’m into both! Good thing there’s a place in Manila that serves both vintage and modern in terms of concept, interior design and dining experience. And that is what I am writing about today!

Relive the past when you dine at Filling station bar and cafe. You will see various memorabilia here from vinyls, photos, statues and other vintage stuff. You will definitely feel that 50’s ambiance. Old but gold songs are being played as background music and the nice crew members are wearing these uniforms I only get to see in old movies.


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Since basically it’s an American diner, this place serves the usual american menu but if you’re not into burgers and fries, no worries because they have Mexican food and some of your all time Filipino favorites! Okay, I’m getting hungry. Time to order food!

Note: Food is a bit pricey but I think, with Filling Station, you get what you pay for. The servings are great in amount and taste.


Clubhouse sandwich with fries


Presley’s Pasta


Double Choco Tower Cake


Strawberry milkshake

Oh, milkshakes, of course! This is very Riverdale and guess what? It’s not a hype. Probably the best thing to order here.

Image result for light bulb black and whiteDid you know? In 1880’s, when milkshake was introduced, it was an alcoholic whiskey drink. It’s only during 1900’s when they referred to it as wholesome drinks made with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla syrups. Eventually, it was served with a new twist by putting ice cream on top.


Instagram: fillingstationbarcafe

The place has a separate area designated for smoking customers which is really nice. They have billiards and a VIP room, also known as Marilyn’s room. As the name implies, it’s a bar and cafe so they also serve cold beers and other alcoholic beverages. It is open 24/7 so if you live just nearby, you can bring your family for breakfast but you can also go here late night to have fun or just chill with your friends. Millennials can also take advantage of its insta-worthiness! Image result for instagram black and white icon




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Instagram: fillingstationbarcafe

Image result for location icon 5012 P Burgos, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, Philippines

Image result for clock icon Open 24 hours

Image result for money icon black and white An estimate cost of PHP 1,000 – 1,500 for two (depending on your level of gluttony)

Image result for star black and white icon Recommended!

What do you think about this place? Share your thoughts below on the comments section!


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