Korea: Tips, Itinerary & Food guide

Still can’t get enough of Korea. This time I am sharing my itinerary plus some other things like a list of food you must try and top instagrammable spots based on my personal picks.

First of all, here are some tips for you:
1. Buy Korean Won (South Korea’s currency)

Although many shops accept payments thru credit card, you would still need some cash at some point. Not to mention, it could be a bit difficult to monitor your expenses if you always depend on your cards.

As of December 30, 2017:

1000 South Korean Won (KRW) = 0.93 to 0.94 US Dollars (USD)

1000 South Korean Won (KRW) = 46.7 Philippine Peso (PHP)
2. Purchase Discover Seoul Pass


I’m so happy I did. With this amazing card, you can visit 21 tourist attractions in Seoul. Now, what’s even more amazing about this card is its T-money capacity which you can use to avail different transportation services like trains, buses, and taxi.

Price: 39,900 won (24hr) / 55,000 won (48hr)

Here’s the list of attractions you can visit for free (discounted rates for some) if you use your Discover Seoul Pass. Please note that it has a validity of 24 hrs or 48 hrs depending which one you availed. After these periods, you can only use it for transportation purposes by loading it up with T-money.

Cultural Attractions Amusements of
Discounted with
– Gyeongbokgung Palace
– Changdeokgung Palace
– Deoksugung
– Jongmyo Shrine
– Seodaemun
Prison History
– Samsung Museum of Art, Leeum
– National Museum of Modern and
Contemporary Art,
– Museum Kimchikan
– Simone Handbag
– Coreana Cosmetics
– Namsan Seoul
Tower Observatory
– MBC World
– Trick Eye Museum
– Grevin Museum
– Figure Museum W
– Alive Museum
Teddy Bear Theme Park
– Seoul City Tour Bus (Traditional Culture Course only)
– The Painters HERO
– Kum Bak Yeon
– Doota Duty Free
– Fanta-Stick Musical
– Musical Chef
– National Gugak
– Jeongdong Theater (LOTUS)
– ARTEE Riders Club
– Dynamic Maze
– Poopoo Land
– Hello Kitty Island
– Seoul City Tour Bus courses (courses
that depart from


If you’re just after the transportation services, there are T-money cards available like this one:


3. Rent a portable wifi device

This one is optional especially internet connection is fast and almost everywhere around the city. But of course, there are still few places where there is no wifi. You can reserve via Klook and prices are just below 5 USD.

4. Download “Subway Korea” mobile app

Some people find the train system of Korea very complicated. Although I always say that getting lost is part of the adventure, at some point you need to reach a certain destination at a specific time. This mobile app which can be downloaded in iOS and Android will definitely help your travel via train easier!


Image result for unicode map icon copy


Day 1
Arrival at Incheon International Airport
Check-in at Rainbow hostel
Stroll and dinner at Namdaemun Market


2017-09-18 072020836390..jpg

My suggestion is to get a cheap hostel room if you’re like me who just wanted a nice place to sleep. Besides, you will be spending most of the time outside. You can get as low as 120 USD or 6,000 PHP for 5 days. Yes, for 5 days! And that’s a shared room. So it’s now 60 USD or 3, 000 PHP each for you and your friend.



Day 2
Gyeongbukgong Palace vicinity
Bukchon Hanok Village
Alive 3d museum
N Seoul tower



Gyeongbokgung Palace Entrance Fee: 8, 000 won


Alive 3D Museum Entrance Fee – 12, 000 won


Namsan Seoul Tower Entrance Fee: 10, 000 won


Day 3
Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Coex mall
Bongeunsa temple
Lotte world mall – Lotteria
Cheonggyecheon Stream


2017-09-15 08135319752..jpg

Oppa Gangnam Style!

Day 4
Nami Island
Petite France

Nami Entry Visa

Nami Island Entrance Fee: 8, 000 won



Petite France Entrance Fee:8, 000 won

Day 5
Myeong Dong Cathedral
Fortress wall
Korea Museum
Seodaemun Prison hall
EWHA University
Myeong Dong


2017-09-21 04279058683..jpg

Seodaemun Prison History Hall Entrance Fee: 3, 000 won



Image result for Korean food icon copy






Tteokbokkki (Spicy rice cake)



Gyeran-Bbang (Egg bread)img_89401369866871.jpg


Yangnyeom Tongdak Korean Fried Chicken

Chicken & Soju

Mandu (Dumplings)


Hot bar



Korean Blood Sausage – my friends didn’t like this. Surprisingly, I did.


Korean Spicy Chicken Skewers



Soft serve ice cream



You can find below a list of food to eat at Namdaemun Market. I took photos for quick reference and for you to have an idea of the prices/menu. (By the way, Namdaemun is the largest traditional market in Korea)


Instagrammable spots in SeoulPhoto camera free icon

2017-09-23 0694641157..jpg

Myeongdong Cathedral – I don’t intend to disrespect the place but this right here is a divinely beautiful spot for some photo-taking session. We went here early morning and the sunlight was so cooperative. It was great. It added extra, yet natural effects. No filter needed!


Seodaemun Prison History Hall – Brown red bricks are a classic! I always thought it was made for Instagram.


Changgyeonggung Palace – The patterns though! I think all Korean Palaces, in general, are worth instagramming!


Seoul Fortress wall – I took this photo and I have no idea how I did. But one thing is sure, this place is one perfect spot!


Dongdaemun Design Plaza – This modern structure has that kind of out of this world beauty and I mean that in all best way possible.

To be honest though, you’ll find art and beauty in every corner of Korea. It’s like every place is instagrammable, as if Instagram was made for Korea.

And that’s it! thanks for dropping by! If you find this blog helpful, let me know by sharing this or by leaving a comment.

Happy traveling!



9 thoughts on “Korea: Tips, Itinerary & Food guide”

  1. The Discover Seoul Pass sure has a lot of places listed that one can go to. I can see how that came in handy. Super jealous of all the food you got to experience, that and the 3d Art museum, I keep hearing about place like that. I’ll have to check if we have one stateside, cause that would be amazing to see.

  2. Such wonderful tips. I was so happy to see so many food pictures. I love Korean food. The idea of buying a pass makes sense. Cheers!!

  3. Korea is truly a bucket lists material. I always wanted to go there and experience their culture. Glad I was able to read this.

  4. This was a really informative blog post for anyone wanting to visit Korea, you did a great job! I love the look of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, it is stunning and I agree very instagrammable

  5. This looks amazing. For years my husband has asked for Korean food and we finally found an authentic place. He would be in heaven in Korea with all the things to try. There are so many places to see and it was great to get a rundown of how to do it without spending a lot. Korea is definitely on my list of places to visit now. Also, I did laugh out loud at the Oppa Gangnam Style sculpture.

  6. This is a really great post and very informative. Visiting South Korea is on my bucket list and this helps me out, I’ll have to remember this if I ever go.

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