11 Things to learn from traveling

1. There’s more to life than being stressed
We all have problems. I get that. But every time I travel, I realize that this life has more to offer than just that. You just don’t know yet but maybe a break from everything is all you need to feel better. Try changing your environment once in a while. I’m not telling you that traveling will resolve your problems but it will help you realize how to live life despite the existence of these problems.


2. You can always learn new things

Honestly, I didn’t know how to use chopsticks properly until I went to Japan. Whether it’s about learning a new language or skill, traveling is the best and most fun way to learn things. Also by traveling, you discover ways of doing things. When you travel, you basically go out your comfort zone and the moment you do, you instantly open yourself to learning new things.




3. Patience is indeed a virtue

I bet everyone can relate to this one. I remember the first time I had a delayed flight, it’s really bad. But as I travel more, I somehow learned how to deal with it. I still hate it but I don’t allow such situation to ruin my mood or excitement. In the end, you have no choice but to wait. Unless changing flight during the last minute is possible then good for you. Delayed flights are actual proof that good things happen to those who wait.



4. You get to eat different kinds of food. 

Yep, more than you could ever imagine. From sweet to spicy and from basic to exotic, you can find A LOT when you travel. It’s also amazing how one kind of food is made differently in different countries. Also, the food in one country tells a lot about its culture and history. This is why you should try to eat every local food there is in every place you visit. Travel experience ain’t complete if you don’t.


korean food



5.  Getting lost is part of the adventure
Things don’t always go the way you want them to. You can get lost in a place you’re not completely familiar with and that’s okay. Getting lost will give you the chance to talk to strangers and will allow you to discover things. It will make you a total adventurer. You might get lost geographically but maybe you’ll find something important or significant either within you or with people you meet. Something you might find useful in life.


6. We are all humans after all
Wherever I go, I always notice how much people have in common despite the obvious differences. We all need food to survive. We all feel the same emotions. We all laugh, we all cry. We need each other. We can help each other. As human beings, we all need love. We are capable of loving and being loved. We all have what it takes to make this world a better place. And I hope we all realize that sooner.




7. You don’t have to be super-rich to travel
People always tell me, “You must be rich because you can afford to travel”. Obviously, you need money to travel. But you don’t need too much. It’s a matter of prioritization and budgeting. I am supporting my sister in college and still providing for the other needs of my family but because I love to travel very much, I always make sure to do something so I can pursue doing it. I’m grateful for those instances when I got to travel for free. But most of the time, I need to work hard for it. At the end of the day, your passion to travel will determine how far you can go. I may not be rich in terms of monetary value but I am rich in terms of experience. And friends.


Photo not mine


2017-10-30 081842880078..jpg

7. It makes you more creative

Traveling brings out the natural photographer and model in you. Your skills improve when you expose yourself to places and people. Actually, it’s the desire to capture the beauty of a subject and the desire to let other people see and somehow feel it the way you do that pushes you to come up with great photos. But if you want to become a pro in photography, I would still suggest that you attend photography courses/classes.


8. God is awesome
Nature is definitely a masterpiece of God. It is God’s language of love. Nature is a beautiful reminder that no matter how big our problems are, the Supreme Being who created all the magnificent creation you see around is bigger. God gave us this beautiful nature. It’s for us to see, explore and enjoy.



9. Going back home from a trip is the hardest part. Always.
Nothing feels like home. Unless you’re a nomad and the world is your home. You love going from one place to another. It makes you sad knowing that your trip is about to end which reminds me of my Japan trip, 2 years ago. I only stayed in this beautiful country for 15 days and yet I had the worst separation anxiety ever. You’ll feel normal again once you start planning your next trip. You see, traveling is a never ending journey.


10. It makes you a better person
The more we engage ourselves in socializing with other people, the more we understand them and the more we understand people, the less we judge them. Traveling helped me realize that despite our differences, we always have something in common and we can always learn something from everyone. Don’t be afraid, be open for opportunities of you getting to know people. Be kind and be the first to approach.


By the way, salute to this Filipino worker I met in HK



11. There is no substitute to experience
Don’t get me wrong, you can read articles and even watch videos if you want to learn something, especially in this modern era. But it’s not always the same when you experience it firsthand. I mean, you can google about mountain climbing but it’s not the same when you’re doing the actual thing. You can learn about different languages but without using them, you’ll never know what it’s really like speaking the language. You have to experience it. You have to live it.

I am not really materialistic. I prefer spending time and money in travels than something that could only last for a few years. When I get old, I’m pretty sure I have many stories to tell my grandchildren.


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