Liwliwa – A quick escape from Manila

City life could be so toxic. Every day you go to work and do your 8-5 jobs. You endure the daily traffic which seems to be a forever problem you need to face. While it’s true that not everyone can relate to these, I’m pretty sure that all of us experienced or some currently going through emotional distress and heartbreaks. Whatever that specific thing or person you want to escape from, I know a good place to go! A place where you can relax and contemplate. A place that will help you disconnect yourself away from the toxic routine in Manila.

This blog will give you a nice and simple overview of what I consider a great quick escape. About 4-5 hours away from Manila, you can get to the beautiful province of Zambales! But where exactly in Zambales?

Photo by Dikya Clothing

Early this year, I was invited by a friend (she’s the one in the photo up there) to visit her place which is located at Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambales. When I finally visited her, I discovered this underrated beach. The sand is not white but it’s good and clean. The waves are amazing! And it’s the main reason why people visit Liwliwa. I honestly didn’t know before that there is a surfing spot near Manila. Other people go here for the same reason I had in mind: To relax! (Aside from visiting a friend). For me, it’s an excellent place for quick escapes and weekend getaways.

Here are the reasons why:
1. Liwliwa beach is underrated, which is probably why it is not as crowded and I love it for that. The locals are taking good care of the place and they maintain its natural beauty.

2. You would literally have that break you always ask for. You interact only with people you don’t know personally. Your mobile data won’t work in your hostel. You have to go to the beach if you want to use your 4G or LTE. Trust me, you’d rather enjoy the waves than browse your Facebook feed. Don’t spoil the moment! Enjoy.



3. I don’t know about those who have gone to Liwliwa already but based on my experience, people are nice and the whole place gave me the “Home” feels. I felt as if I belong like I’m one of the locals who live there.


4. Whether you’re into physical activities like surfing or just want to enjoy the beach and have a quiet moment, Liwliwa is the perfect place.

Photo by Dikya Clothing

So how did I get to Liwliwa and where did I stay?

I went to Victory Liner Bus station – Cubao to take the bus going to Iba, Zambales. (Kindly tell the driver that you need to get off at San Felipe. Tip: Use Google Map and thank me later). A one-way ticket costs PHP 300+ or you could check online as they might adjust the fare from time to time. After getting off the bus, you can ride a tricycle going to Liwliwa beach or tell the driver to drop you off at Circle hostel.

Don’t look for 5-star hotels because there’s none. Though there are many hostels to choose from, I will only feature one.

Good Karma Surf Resort



This is the dining area where guests can eat and this is what it looks like during night.



Meet Dragon. Good Karma’s resident dog. So adorable!



Yes, they have a skateboard ramp inside! You can borrow skateboards and play with other skaters/locals


Use of skateboard ramp is free but they are open for donations in which proceeds will be used to maintain the ramp and also to support community events in Liwliwa.

Good Karma Surf Resort is run by my friend and her husband, it’s where I stayed during my short trip in Liwliwa. Aside from rental rooms, they have surfing boards that are perfect for the waves of Liwliwa. They also cook and sell “silog” meals. Getting to the beach from Good Karma Surf Resort is like 3 to 5 minutes walk only. Both my friend and her husband can surf. If you’re surfing for the first time, try asking them if you need assistance.

For inquiry and reservation, contact DK: +639267261917

Few steps away from Good Karma is HighTide Snack Bar which is famous for their tasty Tacos and real Dalandan juice. You should definitely try them!



In dire need of quick escape? Visit Liwliwa and let me know your experience. But for me, this is one of the best trips I’ve ever had. The environment in this place brought positivity and happiness to me. People here will remind you to appreciate simple things in life. It’s like discovering an alternative home, away from your real home.





Shoutout to Dhen. Thanks for the amazing photos!