5 Reasons why traveling is good for you

1. You need a break from that toxic routine

Wake up at 4 AM. Take that early ride in the train. Work from morning until late night. You do this routine daily, 5 to 6 times a week. Not to mention the travel hours from home to work and vice versa, makes your routine even more toxic. If you can relate to what I’m saying here, then you probably need to consider getting a break. Life is not just about work. In fact, it should be just 1/3 of your daily life.


2. To appreciate God’s work



Nature is one way of God revealing His infinite power to us. The unbelievable beauty of Mt. Fuji in Japan, crystal-clear beaches in the Philippines and the breathtaking Victoria falls in South Africa are just some of many natural wonders in the world which always remind us that there is a supreme being behind all these wonderful creations.

3. It makes you more sociable



Meeting different kinds of people allow us to expand not only our network but also our understanding of the world and other people. As I travel more, I get to realize that Love, Care and Compasssion are the best languages of the world. They don’t even require speaking. There are non-english speaking countries out there and talking to them can be a bit challenging. That’s how I learned to communicate in a deeper sense. Not everyone would understand the words you say but an act of kindness is something that everyone can relate to.

4. Traveling means learning



Travel and see the world. Meet people and connect with them. Find out how they live and what they do. Learning new things will help you grow and will make you a better person. After some time, you realize that not all lessons can be learned in the four corners of a classroom.

5. It helps you rediscover yourself


Did you ever come to a point where you want to stop whatever you are doing in life just to be able to start all over again? Or maybe you woke up one day feeling unsure about what you really want to pursue in life.

I was at that stage in life. I left my first job even without the assurance of getting myself a new one. I was jobless for like 4 months and it was a depressing time for me. But I used that time to soul-search. I went to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. I never thought that it’s the very thing I needed at that moment. Because of that trip, I learned to view life differently. I discovered things about myself which I didn’t know before. I gained wisdom and confidence. Despite getting lost geographically in Malaysia, it’s amazing how I found and redeemed myself back to life.


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