Cebu, Philippines – A Travel Destination on your Birthday Part 1

Every year, I spend my birthday going to places I’ve never been before. And this year, I decided to visit Cebu and witness its beauty. I had my 5-day vacation in this beautiful place. In this blog, I will talk about my experiences when I explored Cebu City. I only spent 3 days there and the remaining days were spent in Oslob, Cebu (which I will be writing about on a separate blog).

Where did I stay in Cebu City?

Personally, I want a hotel that would give me a comfortable place to sleep and excellent customer service. So how would I know if I’m getting those things from a hotel? By searching the internet. It pays to read some reviews. So after some research, I decided to book a room in Henry Hotel. It was the best decision I’ve made because not only they have comfortable and clean rooms, they also did an amazing job in providing excellent service throughout my stay.

This was my room in Henry Hotel.

If you are someone who loves art, you’ll instantly fall in love with this place. Henry Hotel is a boutique-designed hotel and that’s probably the reason why everything in it looks classic, yet stylish.

What places did I visit in Cebu City?

  • Magellan’s Cross

Look what I found on the internet:

“The cross stands protected inside a domed gazebo-like structure. The cross itself, though, is shrouded in mystery. While some say that the original cross is encased in wood (because people would chip-off some of the wood as they believe it was miraculous), others theorize that the original cross has been destroyed long ago and this is a “replacement”.”

  • Fort San Pedro


  • Plaza Independencia


You can also visit these places:

  • Cebu Monument



  • Casa Gorordo Museum


  • Yap-San Diego Ancestral House


You can dedicate a day to tour around and visit these places because they are all located in the old city of Cebu.

If you are in Cebu City, you might also want to visit Busay as you will find good tourist attractions there.

From Henry Hotel, I booked an Uber/Grab (can’t remember which one really) ride going to JY Square Mall. From there, I took a motorcycle ride or what we call here in the Philippines “Habal-Habal”. Although there are other options like renting a car but that would be more expensive and I didn’t want to miss the fun in riding habal-habal. Well, it’s up to you.

What places did I visit in Busay, Cebu City?

  • Sirao Garden / Little Amsterdam


  • Temple of Leah

After visiting Temple of Leah, I realized that it’s almost 6 PM so I didn’t make it to Taoist Temple because it closes at 5 PM. I decided to call it a day so I went back to the hotel instead.

  • Taoist Temple


Yes, you are allowed to go inside. Just be reminded to pay respect by not being too loud and by observing their rules and practices (like the dress code or maybe there are areas where taking photos is not allowed).

That’s all for my first blog! Next post would be about Oslob, Cebu tour and a sample itinerary for this whole Cebu trip!

Oh wait, traveling could really make you feel hungry and I couldn’t think of a better way to finish my first blog than writing about food. Based on personal experience, below are my suggestions:

  • Larsian

When I visited the place, there were only few people eating. But Larsian could really get crowded at times. This place is famous in Cebu, even in Manila, I’ve been hearing a lot about it from my friends. Anyway, you should try it. I didn’t like barbecue that much before but that changed after my Larsian experience. I hope that’s enough to convince you that it’s really good and that you should try it.


  • Maco Manok

I had litson manok from Maco as my first meal in Cebu. The taste of the food and the way I ate it was very Filipino. I ate with my bare hands which made the whole experience even better.

source: Maco Manok

  • Rico’s Lechon

Your Cebu trip is not complete without eating their famous Lechon. I wanted to try something different so I got myself a Spicy Lechon. MY GOODNESS, IT’S TOO PERFECT!!!


So you see, I used photos I found online. Actually, I got too excited to eat which made me forgot to take photos. Haha!

Okay, you must be hungry now. Until next time! Daghang salamat!


15 thoughts on “Cebu, Philippines – A Travel Destination on your Birthday Part 1”

  1. It has been many years since I visited Cebu and when I went, it was a business trip so I did not get the chance to see many tourist-y places. We have such beautiful places in the Philippines noh? I feel like I will never be able to visit all of them. Cebu is definitely hgih on the list of places I should revisit, Thanks for your post!

  2. Nice post! I’ve been here and I will come back next year. nice post Kevin 🙂 can you make your photos bigger I’ll be more illigible to look at. just a suggestion 🙂

  3. This such a historical and attracting place to visit..Perfect for birthday destination,the places are amazing and the foods looks delicious and interesting..Great photos

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